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Gran verdad.

Gran verdad.

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Hoy no muerte, hoy no …

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At Hollywood Walk of Fame, a Spanish girl protesting for #gaza
u don’t have to be muslim to see the pain, u just need to be human…

I’m surprised this is the first I’ve heard of this girl.

I’m not…

here’s a dollar

*walks off*


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Aparición divina.

Aparición divina.

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Han pasado 10 años desde que la ESA lanzó a la sonda espacial Rosetta. Hace poco despertó de su modo hibernación (recordemos el #WakeUpRosetta y el vídeo de presentación que hizo la ESA)

Ahora va a orbitar un cometa y dejar un módulo que se quedará en su superficie para analizarlo.

En el vídeo de arriba del todo, tenéis las maniobras que irán realizando para completar semejante misión sin precedentes :D

Ahora mismo Rosseta se encuentra a más de 807 millones de kilómetros desde la Tierra, mide 2.8x2.1x2 metros, se alimenta gracias a dos paneles solares.

Y mañana se podrá empezar a ver en streaming lo que irá haciendo en este enlace.

Vía alt1040

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Como si no tuviéramos ya bastante….

This is a load of bullshit. This idiot thinks she is saving and conserving animal wildlife by killing off other animals. This Texan cheerleader is killing off endangered species of Africa and thinking she is doing something right by taking over mother nature and there are people supporting her. I know that people like this make me feel ashamed to be human and I am not the only one. So I want this post to spread like wildfire and bring this bitch down. REBLOG THE SHIT OUT OF THIS POST.

ACTUALLLLLLY BITCH HOLD YOUR TITS OKAY. The animals she killed were deemed unsafe because they were hurting other animals and were taken the to reserve. Second, that lion? Yeah. Couldn’t reproduce and it was angry and killing younger, healthier lions that COULD reproduce to help further their life lines. Third, ALL OF THE MEAT TAKEN OFF THESE ANIMALS WHEN KILLED WAS DELIVERED TO VILLAGES AND TOWNS SURROUNDING THE FUCKING RESERVE SO THAT PEOPLE WOULDNT STARVE ANYMORE.

You fucking dumbass.

Finally someone does their fucking research. It’s not like the girl grabbed her shotgun went to the middle of fucking no where Africa and looked around to see what she could shoot and kill. There are specific GAME RESERVES that are for hunting so that the healthy endangered animals will not be harmed. So back off!! And What fucking difference does it make that she’s a Texan cheerleader?

And if you really want to not be “ashamed of being a human” then feed as many mouths as she did with the meat of the animals that she legally hunted. Then you can talk all the shit you want about being a decent human being.

Yeah, these hunts fuel an economy too. The dangerous game hunts start at $12000. Going for all seven in one trip costs about $35000 or more. None of these animals are endangered. The majority of them are located on private or government operated land. The whole purpose is to hunt them. Rhinos are hunted in South Africa because savvy businessmen had the bright idea to buy some land and breed them for hunting purposes. The Rhino population there is pretty healthy. AND DAMN DOES THIS GIRL HAVE BALLS! Anyone who stalks down a lion and kills it with a bow deserves respect.

Let me source some things here or here

There was one instance when we were out with the lions and they sat next to our truck and used it as shade. They were literally three feet away from us”


Here a male lion is walking right next to the car I’m in”


"Just to show you how incredibly difficult it is to hunt a lion…here’s a selfie I took next to one"


"As you can see, the lion tried to run away from us."


So you are trying to telt me that this girl has a lot of courage killing lions that are mainly just loafing around in the sun. It is also the same for the other animals. She basically did grab her bow and walked into the middle of no where and shot some animals according to herself, “What do YOU think will be the first animal of the dangerous 7 I will take down”. Of all the animal in the above picture only the rhino isn’t dead. Everything else was killed, including the elephant she fed to the villagers.

The fee to kill a lion is around $22,000 and I doubt that the fee of the leopard and elephant are any less. With all of that money including the flight to Africa and the entrance fees could have fed that village for at least a whole year. She could have just donated money and it would have been more useful. Even if the animals were deemed unsafe, the Earth has been rotating for millions of years now without the help of humans. Although these were game reserves, it doesn’t mean it is right. 

If these animals were breed to be hunted and make money, why can’t they just open a reserve to actually save the population. Don’t go telling people that these animals aren’t extinct because they are breed for hunting. It makes no difference if they are going to die anyway.

So let me tell you an alternate story. If some kind of alien population per say took over the earth and wanted to kill humans for fun but also reserve them. Is it right to put all of the people who can’t reproduce anymore in certain areas? All the old and people who are sterile. No it isn’t. And don’t go turning things around like everyone is rich and can invent world peace, that’s child’s play quite it.

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No puedo ser la única que haga esto… xD

No puedo ser la única que haga esto… xD

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Esto sí que es publicidad!!

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Evolución de los videojuegos. :)

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Las nuevas aventuras del gato empresario XD

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Broma para hacer en un supermercado.

Broma para hacer en un supermercado.

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Un ejemplo magnífico de manipulación de la verdad.

Un ejemplo magnífico de manipulación de la verdad.

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